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Monday, January 31, 2011

Lifeforces Newsletter

Welcome to the February 2011
Lifeforces newsletter

We are offering many workshops over the next few months. If you are interested in taking a class that is not listed, please contact us: tel/fax 03-3472-1714 or tel/fax 03-3357-2067

Directions to Lifeforces locations in Shinagawa and Shinanomachi:

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Free Energy Share Meetings in February & March
Sunday February 13th & 27th
March 13th & 27th 18:00-21:00

Lifeforces 2, Shinanomachi, Free

As winter ends and spring starts, come and relax with warm vibrations at the free Energy/Reiki Share!
Meet new people and share experiences. Learn more about channeled energy/healing and how it can enhance your life.

Contact for more information

Free S.U.N. Introductory Evening
Click here for course description
Offered with Japanese translation

Wednesday 23rd February 19:00 - 22:00
Lifeforces #2, Shinanomachi, Free

Contact to book a place

Workshop schedule:

All of these classes can be taken by distance!

Angelic Opening & Shielding of
the Third Chakra level 1

Click here for course description

Monday 7th February 19:00 - 21:00

By distance only Fee 7,000 yen
Contact for more information

Lifeforces in Singapore
Click here for course description
February 11th - 20th

Contact for more information

Awakening the Pineal Gland level 1
Offered with Japanese translation
Click here for course description
Wednesday 16th February 19:00 - 22:00
Lifeforces 2, Shinanomachi,
Fee 7,000 / 9,000 yen
Contact for more information

Drisana level 7
Click here for course description

Saturday 26th February 10:00 - 18:00

Lifeforces 2, Shinanomachi, Fee 50,000
Contact for more information

Miraculous Vessels level 5
Click here for course description

Monday 28th February 19:00 - 21:00

By distance only Fee 28,000 yen
Contact for more information

Huna level 5
Click here for course description
Sunday 6th March 10:00 - 18:00
Lifeforces 2, Shinanomachi, Fee 28,000 yen
Contact for more information

Drisana level 5
Offered with Japanese translation
Click here for course description
Sunday 6th March 10:00 - 18:00
Lifeforces 1, Shinagawa, Fee 41,000 yen
Contact for more information

"God loves us all, but he loves sinners more." Putting aside the question of whether there is God or not, why would this be?
Sin is a concept created and defined by man, and different cultures and religions have different ideas about sin. So if sin is something 'wrong' maybe it is up to each person to decide how his/her life is 'wrong'.
When we are 'on the path' or 'in the flow' we say our life is going well. When we have 'strayed' and things are not going as we would like it is as if life is throwing obstacles in our way. This is a good thing because it shows us that we are not on the path!

If we did not feel pain when we put our hand in the fire, we would not know to do something else, i.e. take it out of the fire. So when life seems to be blocking our attempts to do something, this is a form of 'pain' telling us to do something else.

In the TV series Star Trek, whenever the ship was approaching a dangerous situation, the captain would order a 'yellow alert' and the deflector shields would go up. If the danger increased, a red alert was issued and the weapon system brought on line. In other words, there was a response to a perceived difficulty.
In our lives however, when something does not go right, we tend to dismiss it or complain about it - and then carry on as if nothing had happened, or try to force our way through.
Perhaps the only 'sin' people commit is not following their own path. So when we stray, God sends a message in the form of a difficulty to help guide us back on our path.

This is how God loves us all, but loves sinners more since he looks after them, which is something people on their right path do not need.

Book of the Month:
While at Lifeforces we like to consider mind, body and spirit as a continuous whole, sometimes we suggest a book that focuses on only one of these areas.

And how. The author, Tim Ferriss, brings together a host of techniques to lose weight, become fitter, improve ones sex life, sleep less and better, get stronger, and live longer. Wow.

While this book cannot be considered a fitness bible in the standard definition, and should be read selectively, there are many interesting points and tips to living a healthier and happier life.

Quote of the Month:

“If there is sin against life, it consists in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable grandeur of this life.”
Albert Camus

Thursday, January 06, 2011

How to make Green Tea

How to make Green Tea - one of Japan`s many gifts to the world.

I`ve been drinking Japanese green tea for over 20 years and it is very healthy!

Dr. Andrew Weil reports that it is a great source of catechins which are antioxidants that inhibit cancer.

Moreover there are more benefits of Green Tea:

* Lowers cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease

*Protects against some infections

*Promotes joint health and stronger bones

*Reduces inflammation Read More

Monday, January 03, 2011

Meditation Is the Springboard to Astral Projection

Meditation Is the Springboard to Astral Projection

Meditation Is the Springboard to Astral Projection

By Lizzy J. Brown

Have you ever found yourself wanting to find out more about yourself? Not personality wise but more what makes your inner person tick. What is that form that you take when you are dreaming, flying around in the sunshine over the ocean or levitating plates of spaghetti. This is called your spiritual body and yes you can take this form for a conscious spin while your mind is awake and not sleeping.

The key here to keep in mind is keeping the mind awake while your body is sleeping and yes this is possible to do. First start off by laying down in your bed or someplace warm, comfortable and quiet. Someplace that you can have no interruptions, and turn the ringer off on your phone. Then lay down and close your eyes and try to quiet your mind from the useral cares that run through your mind. Quiet and calm mind. If your mind starts thinking how you have to cook 12 dozen cookies for the annual bake sale, just caringly clear your mind back to quiet. After sometime of this you will totally relax and don't be surprised if you start seeing flashes of color or shapes in the dark blackness while your eyes are relaxed and closed.

Then you might be even surprised to start seeing 3-D shapes for instance a 3-D ball I sometimes see Lego toys which is strange because I am pushing 40. Also take notice if the blackness takes on a 3-D effect. Instead of a 2-D black, the darkness expands outward to an never ending expanse of space. Then you might see faces or voices flashing by just remember to quietly keep your mind awake. And if you calmly catch yourself if you fall asleep, this means you are close to Astral projection. And you might hear a loud noise or someone calling your name while you are meditating. Don't be alarmed, this is your unconscious trying to become consciously active with you. Strange I know but don't be frightened by these noises.

If you don't suddenly start floating in another room or out somewhere else, then don't worry. Astral projection takes practice. But the key is to get as close to sleep as possible without actually going in sleep mode. But don't just write off that you did not astral project. Recalling memory during an astral projection is tricky sometimes. And don't be surprised if you think you didn't astral project, get up out of bed and try to turn the door knob and your hand goes right through the door. This means you are astral projecting or Out of Body right at that very moment!

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