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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lifeforces Newsletter, April 2011

On 11th March 2011, an earthquake and tsunami struck north-eastern Japan, killing tens of thousands of people.
We honour the dead and give our compassion and support to the living.

Lifeforces will donate 50% of all class and session fees in April to disaster relief in Japan.

Lifeforces would also like to deeply thank the people of Shanghai,
especially The Little Green Door, for their financial contributions, which we are matching and will donate to disaster relief. tel/fax 03-3472-1714 or tel/fax 03-3357-2067

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Upcoming Free Energy Share Meetings
Sunday April 10th and 24th 18:00-21:00
Lifeforces 2, Shinanomachi, Free

Everyone is welcome to come and relax with the warm vibrations of healing energy at the Reiki/Energy Share! It is a great opportunity for you to receive a free mini-healing session (regardless of whether you already are a practitioner of energy healing or a ‘novice/beginner’)!

And for those of you who have already been attuned to Reiki - or any other healing energy - it is a great opportunity to share with others, and to deepen your ability to work with and learn more about channeled energy/healing and how it can enhance your life and the lives of people around you.

Contact for more information
Workshop schedule:

All of these classes can be taken by distance!

Drisana level 4
Click here for course description
If taken by distance, CD provided
Saturday 2nd April 13:00 - 18:00
Lifeforces Shinagawa, Fee 38,000
Contact for more information
Angelic Opening & Shielding of
the Throat Chakra level 2

Click here for course description

By distance only Fee 7,000 yen
Monday 11th April 19:00 - 21:00
Contact for more information
Nectar of the Sphinx
Click here for course description

If taken by distance, CD provided
Wednesday 13th April 19:30 - 22:00
Lifeforces Shinanomachi, Fee 7,000
Contact for more information

Infinite Light of Huna level 1
Click here for course description
Offered with Japanese translation
Sunday 17th April 14:00 - 18:00
Lifeforces Shinanomachi, Fee 10,000 / 12,000 yen
Contact for more information

Moving Toward Freedom
Click here for course description

Wednesday 20th April 19:30 - 22:00
Lifeforces 2, Shinanomachi Fee 10,000
Contact for more information

Meridian Flush level 1
Click here for course description
If taken by distance, CD provided
Wednesday 27th April 19:00 - 22:00
Lifeforces Shinagawa, Fee 7,000
Contact for more information

March 11 Earthquake
The Japanese earthquake of 11th March has brought out many great characteristics of humans; compassion, care, understanding and support. It has also brought out many other characteristics, such as sensationalism, and wanting to be part of the drama.

Thousands of people have lost their lives, tens of thousands have lost loved ones, and hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and possessions. These are the people who need our support, and the world has responded.
For others, the greatest drama was that they had to walk home or stay the night with friends. There were even people looking for connection to the tragedy by saying that they had recently been in Japan.
Media driven sensationalism has made the tragedy into entertainment, with so-called news programs containing music to evoke emotions, and hard facts hard to come by.
Some people say that the earth is 'sending us a message' and 'fighting back' against nuclear power, and that this has happened at this time and place 'to teach people a lesson'. This is projection by those who have an agenda, and dishonours the dead, those who are suffering and those who are risking their lives to ameliorate the situation.
Many others, however, have realised once again that what is important is love, family and friendship, and that the greatest possessions are in our hearts.

Quote of the Month:
“Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul. ”

If you wish to donate to earthquake relief for Japan, these are some organizations we suggest.

Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan:

Second Harvest Japan:

Peace Winds Japan:

Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA)

Doctors without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres)

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)
" I'm convinced God put me here to accomplish a certain number of things;
right now, I'm so far behind I'll never die."

--Petya Lowe, Circle of Light

Synchronicity and all that Stuff

"Everything in this universe is part of an uninterrupted sequence of events."

--Mamoru Mohri, Japanese astronaut

Tokyo, Japan
Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri, feels that in the borderless era we live in now, the acceptance of cultural diversity and globalization is very important. "Once people take a broader , more long-term view of the things going on around them, it can give them a totally new perspective on life," said Mohri according to a press report.    Read More

Are we Spirit & Live Forever?

Are We Spirit & Live Forever

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Or When We Die, Do the Little Buggies Eat Us?

"Hello, I'd like to connect with my higher self."
"Is this a collect call sir?"
"Okay, I'll put you through now."............
I'm sorry sir, your higher self will
accept the charges."

"The story of my life!"

--Kevin Burns

Are We Spirit & Live Forever?
Or When We Die, Do the Little Buggies Eat Us?

This is my current life question. James Redfield in the Celestine Prophecy alludes to the
fact that we don't need to figure out the answers, rather we need to figure out our current life question. The above is mine. What's yours? If you can figure out the question Redfield observes, the answer will come.

Read More

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the Future of the Whole World

Though I agree that we need to start thinking about what kind of alternative forms of power we are going to use not just in Japan, but worldwide. I don`t think now is the time to debate this in Japan. We need to deal with first things first, which is getting the people up north houses and safe, and fixing the reactors or burying them if that is what is needed.

Most importantly we need to stay positive that we can get all of the above done in a timely manner. It is still winter up north and will be cold for a few months more.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japan still needs YOUR Donation

The fickle media is all ready deserting Japan for other if it bleeds it leads stories.
the biggest disaster in Japanese history continues and we need your help!

Imagine America losing her west coast.    This is essentially what has happened for a much smaller and less populous nation.    This disaster
is unprecedented in Japanese history.

The Latest News from Japan

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Psalm Of The Good Teacher

The Psalm Of The Good Teacher

The Lord is my Teacher;
I shall not lose the way to wisdom.
He leadeth me in the lowly path of learning,
He prepareth a lesson for me every day.
He findeth the clear foundation of instruction—
Little by little He showeth me the beauty of truth.
The world is a great book that He has written,
He turneth the leaves for me slowly;
They are all inscribed with images and letters—
His voice poureth light on the pictures and the words.
Then I am glad when I perceive His meaning.
He taketh me by the hand to the hilltop of wisdom;
In the valley, also, He walketh beside me,
And in the dark places He wispereth in my hear.
Yea, though my leson be hard, it is not hopeless,
For the Lord is very patient with His slow scholar.
He will help me to read the truth through tears—
Surely Thou wilt englighten me daily by joy and by sorrow,
And lead me at last, O Lord, to the perfect knowledge of Thee.

Henry van Dyke

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Barbara Brennan Workshops in Japan


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