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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Psalm Of The Good Teacher

The Psalm Of The Good Teacher

The Lord is my Teacher;
I shall not lose the way to wisdom.
He leadeth me in the lowly path of learning,
He prepareth a lesson for me every day.
He findeth the clear foundation of instruction—
Little by little He showeth me the beauty of truth.
The world is a great book that He has written,
He turneth the leaves for me slowly;
They are all inscribed with images and letters—
His voice poureth light on the pictures and the words.
Then I am glad when I perceive His meaning.
He taketh me by the hand to the hilltop of wisdom;
In the valley, also, He walketh beside me,
And in the dark places He wispereth in my hear.
Yea, though my leson be hard, it is not hopeless,
For the Lord is very patient with His slow scholar.
He will help me to read the truth through tears—
Surely Thou wilt englighten me daily by joy and by sorrow,
And lead me at last, O Lord, to the perfect knowledge of Thee.

Henry van Dyke

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