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Sunday, December 24, 2006


1. Most obviously, do you have arrangements/positions for couples (with the assumption that both are more than adequately qualified for the position)?

It really depends. Sometimes we need to hire more than one teacher, and other times just one. We are a small chain of schools.

Our furnished apartments are suitable for couples.

2. When your page says that an apartment is "2DK", what does that mean?

2DK is Japanese apartment lingo for 2 rooms plus a dining kitchenarea. It means you get two rooms of roughly 3x4 metres anda dining/kitchen area of around the same size or a little bigger.Basicly apartments are small here. If you expect your apartmentto be small but clean, then you won`t be disappointed. Don`texpect the big North American style apartments we have back home.

3. If a teachers stays more than one year, does the pay increase?

Yes. If we rehire you then you get a raise. Or we may choose not to rehire you if your teaching and attitude is not up to standard.

4. Are their opportunities for promotion or more advanced positions?

Possibly. We are a very small company with four small schools.We might consider working with an ambitious teacher we know who wants to buy a Kevin`s English Schools franchise, but we would need to get to know you. We would need to know we can work together well. Then this teacher could start a Kevin`s EnglishSchool in another part of Japan and we would act as your advisorand office staff. We would sponsor you for a visa and take a percentage of your student fees for that service.

We might also need to hire a manager at some point. But we have no set plans for that at this time.

5. How much does that national health insurance cost in Japan?

I don`t know exactly. It depends on your individual situation.Please ask at some of the Japanese related forums on the internet, or best contact them directly.

6. Does the salary provided allow individuals to save any money (with the understanding that we are generally fiscally prudent)?

Yes it does. Some have saved a lot. Others have gone broke.It really depends on who you are. Japan is a very expensiveplace if you go out and party a lot. If you don`t you can savea lot of money. One teacher was able to easily save 100,000 Yen per month on our starting salary of 250,000, another teacher wasn`t able to save anything. So it really depends on the person.

7. Why do you require a university degree?

We and our students feel that at a minimum, a university shows a certain
degree of academic achievement. We also prefer some more advanced training
in TEFL. Some kind of training in TEFL is definitely preferred.

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