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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Furnished Apartments for Teachers

Kamonomiya School & Apartment

It is a 2DK apartment. One room doubles as the classroom and living room, with a wooden table and covered wooden chairs, as well as a Sony TV, and video machine. There is satellite TV equipment there so you can get hooked up for satellite TV if you are willing to pay the charges. It is a great space to teach in and relax in after class. The apartment is very clean and eight years old. It is a two story, four apartment building. The classroom and bedroom are 6 tatami mats in size and the kitchen isabout 6 tatami mats in size. So each room is 2.7 metres by 3.6 metres. There is a western style unit bath and western style toilet.There is a small laundry area next to the sink with a large washing machine. It comes fully funished with all your essentials right down to cutlery. There is a small garden in the back with a small patio. There is a supermarket about five minutes on foot from the apartment.

The neighbourhood is very nice and Kamonomiya is probably the most desirable area of Odawara. It is near the Robinson's, the largest shopping centre in Kanagawa. It reminds me of a Canadian shopping centre--it is huge with many great stores.On one side of it is a great department store Ito Yokado which sells everything. Also nearby, is The Odawara City Mall,featuring Nittori, Toys `R Us and a great 100 Yen store amongst others.You can even get your burger fix at McDonalds. There are many palm trees out front. As well there is a pleasant, tree lined main street running through the area with many interesting shops. It is as "left-bank" as Odawara gets. There are many little restaurants and shops. Kamonomiya train station is on one of the biggest train lines-The Tokaido line, which runs to Yokohama and Tokyo, and to southern Japan. It is a very long line.

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Pictured: Nora with students

Shibusawa School & Apartment

Pictured: Nora with her students in Shibusawa School

The school/apartment is located about one minute from Shibusawa Station on the Odakyu Line. It is in an attractive white, three storey concrete building. It is one of the few apartments in Japan to have double-paned glass. It is Japanese style with tatami mat floors. It is probably the nicest apartment to live in! The apartment is convenient to many stores as it is right downtown. The apartment is furnished like all of our school apartments. It is large by Japanese standards--a 2DK with a slight view as it is on the 2nd floor.

The classroom is to the right as you enter the apartment.

Hadano is a nice, mid-sized city of 163,000 people, with a meandering river going through the centre of town and many nearby mountains that are great for hiking and cycling. It is also convenient to get to Tokyo, Odawara, Atsugi, Yokohama, Izu, Mount Fujiand Kamakura.

In Hadano you can enjoy the many festivals throughout the year including the tobacco festival. Don`t worry it isn`t like it sounds! The city boasts a great public library, with hundreds of books and videos in English. You can search for books on the computers there by entering the title or author's name, or simply browse the stacks. There is also a great sports centre--The Hadano Taikukan. For 200 Yen you can play many sports in their gyms. They have very modern facilities so you have no excuse for not being in shape! (He writes while sitting like a sloth in front of the computer).

There are many people of different nationalities living here.

Pictured: Our "Anne" School in the snow. This school is located in the Iizawa area
of Minami Ashigara City

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